4 Great Tips For The Best Strip Club Experience

Over 23 years, Showgirls Brisbane continues to be the premier strip club and night club in Brisbane with the hottest showgirls in a captivating modern establishment.

People visit our stripclub for many reasons, expecting their wildest fantasies and dreams to come true and then end up with a nightmare that will haunt them forever! We hear horror stories that people get scammed by venues, misled by taxi drivers or street promoters who promise the world, overcharge and underdeliver!

We understand that horror stories like these, can discourage anyone from visiting an adult club but as one of our favourite songs goes "Don't Stop Believing" and certainly don't stop dreaming wild and erotic, because at Showgirls Brisbane we are all about bringing your wildest desires to life as the Premier Strip Club In Brisbane.

There are some things you can do to ensure that you have the best time when visiting night clubs so you avoid some costly mishaps with other venues in Brisbane:

1. Avoid Peak Hours!

Peak Hours and Peak Nights are your enemy, when visiting an adult entertainment venue. These include late Fridays and Saturdays when night clubs are packed with people looking to start off their weekend with a bang with the Hottest Female Strippers in Australia.

Most, if not all, of the girls will be demanding for high rewards for their attention and you may find it a struggle to get the experience you are seeking with any of the showgirls working that evening because of how many guests are waiting for the time of their lives!

We recommend you arrive earlier on both Friday and Saturday Nights to ensure you get the best seat in the house right near our revolving stage. We are open 7 nights a week, so if you are worried about missing out on the Friday and Saturday, why not visit on a Thursday Night or Sunday Night instead? The earlier you arrive the more time you get with our incredible and award winning showgirls who will entertain your wildest desires.

2. Know Your Limits.

Always keep in mind, you should have a good idea as to how much money you are willing to spend on the quality of entertainment at a Brisbane Strip Club, like Showgirls Brisbane. Set a limit for yourself before you walk in the door.

We recommend that you bring only cash and leave your credit cards at home. Have a close friend or two come with you to party, they can help you pay attention to how much you spend and even help you enjoy the experience even more by enjoying a couple of shots at our bar to let those first-time jitters relax into a night of laughter and erotic flair.

#1 Strip Club In Brisbane, Showgirls Brisbane Australia

3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T Our Showgirls!

At Showgirls Brisbane, we offer the hottest strippers in Brisbane and have continued to do so for over 23 years. Yes, they will be flaunting their toned, tanned and some tattooed bodies in front of you but that does not mean you can be rude to them.

Please understand that they mean it when they say "no".

We encourage our Showgirls to refuse to do something that our guests request if it makes them feel uncomfortable and there is no amount of money that will entice them to do something they do not want to do so please do not be upset if they do say no.

However, in the event that our Showgirls ask for more money for a private performance, they will not hesitate to tell you in advance so you know what you will get before the show begins. Our Showgirls are the most trusted in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

We recommend you talk to each showgirl at Showgirls Brisbane just like you would to a friend and avoid being rude and overbearing. If you are polite and charming and build an incredible vibe with our Showgirls, you will find you will get a better experience!

4. Remember To 'Tip'.

Do you want to see the Hottest Female Strippers in Brisbane up-close? Then you should be willing to tuck a few dollars in her g-string or on the stage during their performance. It can be extremely rude not to tip and the Showgirls would be discouraged by your manners.

We recommend that you tip our Showgirls who give a lot of effort to ensure that you are having a good time, the more you tip the better the experience will be for you and the Showgirls will be more willing to deliver the hottest strip tease of your life!

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