How To Plan An Unforgettable Night At A Strip Club

When you’re organising a birthday, bachelor party or special celebration at a Strip Club In Brisbane, there are a few things to consider before the big night arrives!

Over 23 years, Showgirls Brisbane continues to be the premier strip club and night club in Brisbane with the hottest showgirls in a captivating modern establishment.

Here are a few things you should consider while planning your next unforgettable night out at a strip club in Brisbane, hopefully we we will see you soon?

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1. Scope Out The Location Of The Strip Club.

The best place to start is the website of the strip club, to find out where the adult venue is located. Look for an adult club, nightclub or stripclub in a safe neighbourhood with well-lit parking lots (or street side parking). The club should be concerned about your safety just as much as the showgirls, never hiding the venues location!

Showgirls Brisbane is located at 130 Queen Street Mall, Brisbane QLD 4000 and if you are struggling to find your way to our premier venue, look for the golden arches of McDonalds and you will find our fabulous discreet venue location right below!

We are located within the Queen Street Mall district, which is well-lit with regular security patrols and an assortment of restaurants making us one of the most convenient and safely positioned NightClubs In Brisbane.

Look for a location that can give you a complete party experience. Find out if the venue offer a Birthday Package, Bucks Party package or perhaps a Private Room Hire for an exotic lap dance or Speciality Spa Show with the hottest female strippers in Brisbane.

At Showgirls Brisbane we offer specialty strip shows, VIP Bottle Service and more so contact us so we can help you make your visit truly unforgettable. We cater for all types of events, let your imagination run wild and we will bring your fantasies to life.

2. Organise Your Guest List.

Keep in mind the personalities and the number of guests you would like to attend your party. When choosing a venue like Showgirls Brisbane, be sure your crowd is up for a night of fun with the hottest Female Strippers in Brisbane. If you are planning on having a large number of people, we encourage you to book in advance and ask your guests; minus the guest of honour - to chip in to host the party!

We recommend you book early, you will give the Strip Club the best opportunity to prepare for your arrival, meaning you will not have to wait at the door, you will get priority service and guaranteed the best service with the best showgirls to entertain you all night long!

The Hottest Female Strippers In Brisbane

3. Book Entertainment In Advance.

At Showgirls Brisbane, we offer the hottest strippers in Brisbane and have continued to do so for over 23 years. Did you know Our Showgirls offer an array of show styles from strip tease to intimate spa shows? We can also arrange a Birthday Strip Show or Bachelor Party Strip Show just for the guest of honour! We promise the best entertainment in Brisbane.

You will also want to consider food and drinks. Will you buy a drink package in advance? Look to see what is offered by the venue you are considering to host your event and always make sure that the strip club you choose has entertainment that meets your wild desires!

contact us so we can discuss our catering options with you as well as prepare special entertainment exclusive for your party, to provide you that extra special attention you deserve all night long from our incredible cocktail and bar staff to our showgirls!

4. Check Into The Entertainment In Advance

Strip clubs offer, well, strippers. But there is so much more than that once you look into the venue. Did you know that Dollhouse Gentlemen’s Club offers Boat Parties, allowing you to take the party to a yacht instead of staying inside the club? They also have Birthday Strippers, just for the birthday boy. Little add-ons like this can make the birthday that much more special during the course of the evening.

Look into the food and drinks. Are you buying a drink package in advance? Look to see what is offered by the venue. Make sure the strip club you choose has entertainment that matches your wants and desires. Then let the club work their magic.

5. Follow The Rules For An Unforgettable Night!

Take a few minutes to get you and your guests familiar with the rules of the venue you choose to host your special event. These rules are in place to keep everyone, including you, safe during your night of partying with the Hottest Showgirls in Brisbane!

At Showgirls Brisbane we have a couple of house rules to ensure the safety of our showgirls and our guests to make sure that you have a truly unforgettable night. Our team are here to help you make the most of your party and to introduce you to the hottest female strippers.

We pride ourselves in being one of Brisbane's safest and most respected strip clubs where you can relax away the stress from a tough working day or week, party with your mates and enjoy an evening of the Sexiest Female Strippers in Australia.

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